Blue Stack: Play android games on windows 7

Blue Stack: Play android games on windows 7

For those who love android and also want to play the android games on windows,Here is great news for them.Now with blue stacks app player you can use android apps and play games in windows 7 (Few user have reported of failure in windows vista).

Application and games can run in full screen mode (if supported by app)and you will not feel any pixel deterioration.The free version comes with 10 pre installed apps and you can install up to 26 apps.The pro version which lets you enjoy unlimited apps  and lets you sync application from android phone is still not launched.

Download the app player from HERE and double click on installer and install the app player .

After installation you will be able to access the blue stack widget on top of the screen .The widget gives you access to all installed apps , games,app store.

The list of app store are following:

1Mobile Market




The list of popular downloads are :

Below is the list of screen shot taken:



  • Sakakabiru

    very nice app. doesnt play sound on my windows 7. is that normal?

  • nizamnz

    tried Gun N Glory and working just fine. Tqvm!!!

  • ArdzHie Morales

    RAM? how do I know if my RAM is at least 2gb?

  • avi

    i hav downloaded the software but while running the setup an error is coming. error is that the app player is unable to recognise the graphic card. i hav graphics by NVIDIA. + 2 gb ram