Google plus’s Ripples (How far can you go??)

Google plus’s Ripples (How far can you go??)

Have you ever thought what happened to the cute cat photo or funny video you posted in your social many peoples have actually watched it or shared it .Now with Google plus’s Ripples you can all see as this happens.As the name suggests you can see how your post created ripples(shared ) across Google plus .

Ripples also lets you see the time line over which the post was shared and how your post got viral.Just press the play button and it will show you the details as it happened.

This makes me feel ahhhaa!!!! Now that’s a feature!!!!! Google made it after the failure of wave and got the ripples of the wave.I am sure that these ripples continue to move and will not  die like wave(Google wave which was dis-continued on August 4, 2010).

But this feature is only for public shared posts which makes sense as Google is very careful in this sensitive area after the failure of BUZZ.

The Ripples is option on each public post and on the click of the option it shows the diagram with lots of circle.The bigger the re-share the large the number of re-sharing.You should have Google plus account to use this feature.

Google+ Update: Watch How Posts Get Shared with Ripples

Now this looks like analytical tool to me and will be more useful for marketing and publishing agency and also blogger like us.There is no limit on possibility what you can do with this kind of analytic strength and it will make Facebook’s job more tough in social arena.

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