How to open mobile sites on pc

How to open mobile sites on pc

You can open any mobile website on PC by installing add-on User Agent Switcher in Firefox.

(Get Firefox from here –>>> )

Follow the below steps to browse mobile version of the website:

1. Install the add-on from here

2. Restart the Firefox. (Close and open it again)

3. Once you have installed the add-on you will find user-agent icon in the toolbar(If not you can right click the top bar and click and customize and drag and drop the User-agent icon to add-on bar). Click on the menu and choose option Iphone.

4. Once you have installed the add-on that browse any website as you would do normally and you will find that the site will load in its mobile layout.

If you are looking for testing your website in mobile device and want more user agent.

You can download this XML file and click on Edit User Agents and import this xml..

The list will look like as below:

The above trick can be used if you want to lower your bandwidth usages.As the mobile version of the site will download minimal data and you will have access to the information .

Note: The above trick will work only when the site has its mobile web version.