How To : make 3d image

How To : make 3d image

Most of you have watched 3d movie and may be liked it too.The same 3 d effect for your photos can be produced by following below instruction:

Things you need:

1. 3 D Glasses(If you do not have you can make it at home)

2.Two image for better result,for already taken images one image is fine.

3. Free 3D photo maker.


Launch the program.

You can select two images by clicking two buttons.If you do not have two images you can just check the Use single image check-box.

Note: For best results  there should be distance of 3cm(same as between our eyes) between two images.

You can select the output file name and location by clicking browse button .

After clicking  it will show the preview as checked in the check-box.The output will look something like this:

Hope you enjoyed yours too!!!

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