Update third party applications automatically :Windows

Update third party applications automatically :Windows

App Name: AllMyApps

Pain Area: Third party application updater (Windows)

Can also be Used as :

  • App launcher
  • Windows app store (Both free and paid)

Windows have inbuilt functionality to update its core applications but when it comes to updating third party applications, you mostly have to do manually unless the application itself has the functionality such as Google Chrome Browser.

You have choices when it comes to updating third party programs but they have limitations or comes with cost. So, if you want to keep all your applications to date for free, AllMyApps is here for your rescue. It not only does the installation automatically it also sync the apps to cloud. So if you want to have same sets of apps in your different windows machine AllMyApps will do it automatically.

It also lets you to update the run-times such as java, adobe flash and shock wave. Once you select all the update you need not install them. It will do them without manual interface.

AllMyApps is also a great place to find fresh and innovative apps in different category .You can call it app store for windows .You get to browse through the following list:

  • App of the day
  • Hot PC Apps
  • New Apps
  • Web
  • Communication
  • Security

The other use which i m finding it very useful is that you can use this as a app launcher. You can directly launch app by double clicking the icon.

The app have been already been downloaded 25808025 times at the time of writing.