WangGuard: A User management plugin for wordpress(Block Spam Users)

WangGuard: A User management plugin for wordpress(Block Spam Users)

There were around 150 registered user on my website and this list was growing but there was no increase in the page views..when i looked at the list of users closely…most of them from same domain such as, etc.

I got suspicious that these user are spam.After searching a little bit , i came across this very useful plugin called WangGuard. The moment i installed it and went through the wizard,it detected 46 spam users(sploggers),As i already deleted few user based on their domain but it was pain as i have go through each and every page and delete them.

This is a must have for every site owner who want to keep .


* No need to check every user

*Every new spammers get reported by the community

*Wizard to help you after first install

*You can block a domain in Blocked Domains TAB

How to Use:

Step 1: Register at and get the WangGuard API Key.

Step 2: Enter you API in WangGuard Dashboard and update the details.

Step 3: For first time installer its better to go through wizard as this will check all of the users against spammers database.

The main benefit of this plugin is that all the spam users are reported by community.Hence the time it takes a spam user to get banned is very less and it will probably save your site too.

And in the last remember its the users like you who help building this list of sploggers,So please report a user as sploggers by going to user list and clicking on report as sploggers.