Download Facebook photos automatically to PC

Download Facebook photos automatically to PC

By now most of the people (Even Aunties and Uncles) have Facebook account,Because of its popularity and social features.People can store their precious memory(photos) in Facebook as well as can share them with their friends and family.

There is also a feature called tagging where in you can tag anyone in your photos .It good way to let your friends know that you have uploaded their photo.But wouldn’t it would be nice if all your photos in which you are tagged are download automatically in your PC . YES!!! there is web app for that also. It is called IFTTT(IF This Then That).

All you have to define a trigger (Works as IF This) happens (Then) , do (That). Currently IFTTT supports 46 channels (Like Facebook,twitter,blogger,DropBox etc…). This whole process is named as Recipe .Personal Recipes are a combination of a Trigger and an Action from your active Channels. More information HERE.

So what we have to do is that define a trigger that when someone tag you in Facebook (If this ) then download the photo in your computer(Using Dropbox).

To do the above trick follow the below steps:

1. Setup a Dropbox account (If not get it HERE) and also get 5.25 GB of free cloud storage free.

2. Join IFTTT, Confirm your account by clicking the confirm button in your mail.

3. Go to this recipe and click on Use Recipe as below:

4.Now all your photo will be sent to  ifttt/facebook/tagged Dropbox folder.

5.If you have DropBox setup and running ,As soon as someone tags you the photo should come in your computer(May take maximum 15 min as personal recipes runs every 15 min).

6.Done,Now Sit back and Enjoy your facebook photos in your system.


You can use many other recipes with dropbox such as “Backup uploaded photos of Facebook to DB”.


If you have created any interesting recipes .You can share them in below comments section.

  • Sujit Kumar Singh

    I use PicBackMan ( for a similar thing and its advantage is that it supports multiple backup options and no user interaction at all.