Download Facebook Photos

Download Facebook Photos

We all use Facebook from different device and upload photos .We all come to a situation when we want all our Facebook to be accessible offline.I have organized different tools and add-on below.

Click on the tabs to know more details about them.

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Features of Pick N Zip :

1.Do not have to install any application.Its plain web app.(No download required for app)

2.Download tagged photos of you

3.Backup your Facebook pictures

4.Build your selection

5.Download Facebook videos

You can find photos by friends,Groups or pages.You can also find the photos in which you are tagged or the whole album.

After you select the photos you can go to DOWNLOAD section and download the photos.

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Download FotoBounce

This is installable application which is available for windows ,MAC and also UBUNTU.

Features :

1.Private network to share the photos(Photos are viewable only to friends and family).

2.Automatic tagging

3.Face recognition.

4.You can view the photos using photo viewer in your mobile device.


1.Simple to use and download the photos.


  • Sujit Kumar Singh

    good one, i will try it. I have been using Picbackman ( for the similar task and till now I have found it very useful.