NetSpaceIndia review

NetSpaceIndia review

NetSpaceIndia is hosting provider for my site and today on completion of 1 year (almost), I would like to appreciate their service by reviewing their Linux shared hosting service .

The Search Begin

A Year ago, I was looking for a hosting service for my blog which is profession and at same time affordable.I searched all review sites and every website and filtered 10 sites in which netspaceindia was one of them.When comparing i saw the price very reasonable .This was the first point where netspaceindia got my eyes.The feature provided are excellent and service is very affordable .


In the early days there were lots of downtime and at one point of time even i thought of migrating to another hosting service provider but then i got a mail saying we are migrating to more stable server which are using cloud technology and i got to give them a chance and i would say they have done a very good job.

And then UP ,UP and UPTime

After the migration the service is very stable and last 2 months my uptime is 100%.

Customer Service

The customer service is very good and they respond to tickets very soon.My only concern is that they provide the service in only day time ,As i called them several times in night but no one picked and there will not be any progress in the night on your ticket.I think they should start giving 24*7 support for fast resolution.

Finally the reports

As said ,This review holds true only when i have a proof.The numbers are not good but for a start its fine and i hope to rectify with help of netspaceindia.

Below are the reports for my site ,It should give you fair idea about the service:

One Year

Past Two months

If you are looking for a hosting service,I would say you would not get better and cheaper service then this.

I hope they continue the good service they have been providing.Wishing them good luck !!!