Real Wireless charging for smart devices

Real Wireless charging for smart devices

You may already be using induction stove or must have seen one like the below one.

Basically induction stove works based on technology called Electromagnetic Induction,Which heat the food using coils underneath it.The same concept is used by wireless charger mats which can charge any device just by placing them on the mat,As seen below:


but the charger mats have not picked up in the market because of its high cost and its actual usefulness.When you say wireless it means freedom from wires but in case of charger mat your mobile to tied to mat .Also as mentioned by verizon wireless in their website you have to put a cover on top of mobile to make it work.

                     “Wire-free charging! Simply place your LTE phone, equipped with a wireless charging battery cover (sold separately) down on the pad to begin wire-free charging!”

It seems like Intel have been working on these limitations and is coming up with real wireless charger for smartphones and ultrabooks.Which will charge the devices using the technology called resonance ,this technology is already demonstrated by MIT  .

Source : This was mentioned by in their article on Aug 20,2008

Intel is going to put same technology in smartphone and ultrabooks.These devices will be coming to market by end of 2012 or early 2013 .


So the day is not far when you do not have to remember to charge your device.As soon as your device gets in the range of wireless charger it will be charged automatically.

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