Play angry birds star wars on pc

Play angry birds star wars on pc

Rovio has launched Angry Birds Star Wars on 8th nov 2012.

This time Angry Birds will be fighting with piggies in space.There are more then 80 levels.You can now level up your Birds and improve their skills of fighting.You have to face terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs.

I have played the game on android tablet and PC both and let me tell you the fun in playing PC version can not be matched but tablet provides portability.

There are 4 sections of the games:

1. Tatooine (40 Levels)

2. Death of the star (40 Levels)

3. Hoth (Coming Soon)

4. Path of the JEDI

5. Bonus Level

Below is the link for downloading star wars game.The PC link is a media fire link.