Lite Coin mining india

If you want to start lite coin right now,you can do it with CPU miner if you have normal desktop or laptop.But its not worth now as you already late now for that.

So to mine lite coin with significant profit we need at-least a GPU (graphics card) .Most preferably whose hash rate is more then 250 KH/s.To know which graphics card you should buy.refer to this list

According to my preference AMD radeon 7950 is  best for kh/s per watt.

In this list search for card which have hash rate more then 250 KH/s.

So finally how much money i can make with mining.????

Right now you can make anywhere between 100-200 Rs with 250 KH/s .This does not count electricity bill.

Minimum investment would be : 50 K

Break even in 5 months.

If investment is 100 K you can break even in 3 months.

Note: You need to have system running 24/7.

If you want more information about mining.Write in comment section.i will try to write more on this.