rent mining rig

If you are looking for mining scrypt based cryptocurrency you need a mining rig with graphics card.which is hard to setup and keep it running.To overcome this problem we can use cloud computing .

So basically here is problem:

I want to mine but do not want to setup hardware.


Use a cloud computing service which lets you rent mining rig and people at have done that.

5 step and you will be mining any coin.

1.Register at

2.Go to to find out cheapest mining rig and their hashrate.

3.Click on Rent now.

4.Select the time period and click on rent.

5.Follow the rest of the instruction.

6.Give your pool details and in 5-10 min you will be mining .

So if you decide for having more coins in your investment portfolio then its the right time.

You may never know when you will become billionaire from coins you have.

Head to