Mine most profitable coins

Mine most profitable coins

If you have got GPU mining rig up but looking to make most of it, you will need to mine most profitable coin .

 photo IMG-20140211-WA0005_zps3eb1b6dc.jpg

So there are 3 types of choices you have here:

1.Below sites tells you which coin is most profitable right now or on 7 days average.



If you want both of above on the same page:


These are useful for info purpose.Not usable when actually mining.

2.These pools will mine most profitable coins ,converts them to bitcoin and you get paid in bitcoin.





Taking only popular multipool into account.

3.These pools lets you mine most profitable automatically but you have the option if you want to get paid in bitcoin or you want to keep them:



So i mine with mix of 2 and 3.When i want only BTC and do not get much time to research .I point them to one of them from list 2

and when i know which coins to mine i point them to a particular coin  through http://hash.so  or http://PoolWarz.com

If its a new coin you have to check the announcement page for pools.

My strategy right now is to add some 20 coins to my portfolio.This include bitcoin and litecoin and the funny doge’s.

Will add more points here in time,,so you can bookmark this page.